Windows Server

Microsoft Windows Server on AWS

Improve agility, sceurity and reduce TCO

Windows Server overview

Whether running Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Skype for Business Server, Microsoft Dynamics, or custom .NET applications, you can rely on AWS’s secure global infrastructure to easily run any Microsoft Windows Server-based applications in the cloud. Without the cost and complexity of purchasing servers or managing data centers, you have more resources to focus on your solution and providing value to your customers.

Why Choose AWS for running Microsoft Windows Server?

Improve Agility

Amazon EC2 is available on-demand, meaning you can spin up anywhere from one to thousands of instances in minutes. This enables you to respond more quickly to business requirements and utilize resources more efficiently.

Improve Security Posture

Build on top of a secure infrastructure and use a security-in-layers approach to protect your workloads by leverage services and tools offered by AWS.

Reduce TCO

Lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through reduced need for hardware management and pay-as-you-go pricing, leading to more efficient resource utilization.

Use your existing MS Windows tools and processes on Amazon Web Services.

AWS allows you to use your existing VM images, bring your own Microsoft licenses, and provides access to similar management tools you have in your on-premises environment.

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What are the benefits of Microsoft Windows Server on AWS?
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Use Your Existing Virtual Machines

VM Import/Export can be used to convert your existing virtual machine images into Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), which can be used to run Amazon EC2 instances. VM Import/Export is available at no additional charge beyond standard Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 usage charges.

Have License Flexibility

AWS provides you with the flexibility to bring your existing Microsoft licenses to AWS, or access the Microsoft software you need directly through AWS and pay for the licenses as you go.

Use Familiar Management Tools

The AWS Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager is an AWS add-in for Microsoft System Center that extends the functionality of your existing Microsoft System Center implementation. This pack gives you access to the familiar Microsoft System Center interface to view and manage your entire AWS environment.

Gain Fast Performance

AWS provides a variety of EC2 instance types, including instances optimized for general use, compute, memory, GPU, and storage, to tailor to your specific needs. Additionally, Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) uses solid state drives by default, providing a rapidly accessible data storage option.

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