Transform Your Business with Big Data and
Analytics on Amazon Web Services

Transform your data into your greatest asset.

Gain Insight from Big Data on AWS

Regardless of how many employees you have or your industry, your business is producing new data every day. That data is full of valuable information that can help you better serve your customers, discover new opportunities, and take your business to the next level. But to realize that business value, you need the proper tools to transform that data into actionable insight. Leading the products available in AWS for Big Data services, enabling you to decrease the time it takes to plan, forecast, and make informed decisions.


                                                                Why choose AWS for Big Data & Analytics?


                                                                Trusted and Secure
                                                                AWS policies, processes, and controls are:

                                                                • Designed with a security-in-layers approach

                                                                • Capable of complying with more than 20 regulations

                                                                • Continuously audited


                                                                Immediately Available

                                                                • No hardware procurement/deployment

                                                                • Easily transfer your data

                                                                • Training and tutorials available


                                                                Broad and Deep Capabilities  

                                                                • 50+ services and hundreds of features added every year

                                                                • Build virtually any big data analytics application

                                                                • Support any workload regardless of volume, velocity, and variety of data

                                                                • Everything you need to collect, store, process, analyze, and visualize big data on the cloud

                                                                Data and Analytics on AWS

                                                                Leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) services to deliver services that provide virtually everything needed to quickly and easily build and manage data analytics solutions. These secure and easy to use managed services enable customers to deploy virtually any big data application on AWS. Enable customers to deploy virtually any big data application on AWS.

                                                                Data and Analytics solutions on AWS you gain:

                                                                • Faster insights at a lower cost

                                                                • Flexibility and scalability

                                                                • Security and ease of use


                                                                Features of Big Data & Analytics on AWS

                                                                Turn your organization’s data into actionable insight with Amazon Web Services. AWS provides a broad set of Big Data capabilities to help your teams be more agile, making it easier for them to experiment and innovate.

                                                                Big Data Repositories

                                                                AWS allows you to securely store your data in its original form without the need to enforce a predefined schema.

                                                                Clickstream Analysis

                                                                Clickstream and weblog analysis tools from AWS let you analyze your web traffic. Improve your visitors’ digital experiences without spending capital upfront on hardware.

                                                                Machine Learning

                                                                Build apps that get smarter over time. Visualization tools and wizards from AWS guide you through the process of creating machine learning models without having to learn complex algorithms and technology. 
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                                                                Online Ad Serving

                                                                Deliver your ad content on the reliable, highly-scalable, and globally available infrastructure provided by the AWS Cloud.

                                                                Operational Efficiencies

                                                                Shift from legacy systems to modern Big Data technologies to drive insights that allow you to be more efficient.

                                                                FORTE CLOUD will help you leverage the AWS broad services for Big Data & Analytics

                                                                You can transform archived, current, or future application data into an asset to help your business. AWS provides Big Data tools that let your teams be more productive, so it’s easier to try new things, and roll-out projects sooner.

                                                                Data Lakes

                                                                AWS allows you to securely store your data in one place, in its original form, without the need to enforce a predefined schema.

                                                                Real-Time Data Analytics

                                                                Collect, process, and analyze data in real-time without spending capital upfront on infrastructure.

                                                                BI and Data Warehousing

                                                                Optimize query performance and reduce costs by deploying your data warehousing architecture on AWS.

                                                                Smart Applications

                                                                Add predictive capabilities to your applications.

                                                                Web Log and Clickstream Analytics

                                                                Improve your customers’ digital experience and get a better understanding of your website.

                                                                AWS makes it easy for you to discover, purchase, migrate, and deploy software and services so you can focus on your core business competency instead of implementing and managing new IT infrastructure. Big Data products are pre-configured and can be deployed in multiple regions around the world with just a few clicks. Additionally, there are no up-front costs, and pay-as-you-go pricing ensures you only pay for the resources you consume.

                                                                Begin Your Big Data Journey on AWS

                                                                Drive Business Insights with Big Data & Analytics